Jihad spreads east

Territorial dispute has all but faded into the history of the Western hemisphere, but a new affliction has taken its place: international terrorism.

Defense policy has not seen such a shift in focus since the fall of the Iron Curtain. The war on terror has pitted Western troops against an unprecedented enemy. One that knows no banners, nor borders, and that blends in seamlessly with the very civilians that need protecting.

Though attacks on EU cities have remained mercifully sparse since the Madrid and London bombings, security forces remain on red alert. Western forces have endured thousands of deaths chasing the shadow of terrorism from Kabul and Baghdad to Timbuktu. Now, a threat of unprecedented proportions is gathering over Afghanistan’s Eastern borders. Strands of radical Islam are spreading to South Asia. If left unchecked they could rock the lives of millions from Bangladesh to the European Union.

In this blog series, Michael Jakob looks into the rise of religious fundamentalism across the Indian Ocean and its implications for Western security.


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